Zehra İrem Türksezer Sağır Joined KHAS Department of Architecture

Zehra u0130rem Tu00fcrksezer Sau011fu0131r graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering in 2014 and completed her MSc degree in Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation program at Politecnico di Milano in 2017. The same year, she won a five-month position at the European Commission Joint Research Center and joined a research group that studies natural disaster impacts on power grids.u00a0

In 2018, she started her PhD at Politecnico di Milano. Her doctoral thesis is an interdisciplinary subject covering the resilience management of built heritage structures, specifically bridges. In this context, the protection and management of cultural heritage have also been examined. She participated in international projects during her PhD, published in collaboration with different research groups, and participated in international conferences.

Since 2018, she has taught various courses in faculties of architecture in English and Italian, such as contemporary structural systems, statics, structural design, and structural design under earthquake risk. In addition, she joined the evaluation juries of design projects in different universities as a guest lecturer.

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