Our era and the process we are going through not only encourage but also force us to communicate digitally in every field. The adaptation of art and design education to this process and carrying out the education in the most efficient way is at the top of the agenda of all our academic staff. One of the key solutions implemented by Kadir Has University Faculty of Art and Design, which has redesigned its education model, is to share the term-based term projects of its students on an online exhibition platform.

KHAS FADPORT, which is created specifically for the projects of Faculty of Art and Design students, both carry out a self-evaluation of this specific period and reopens our traditional student exhibitions on a digital platform. Thus, student exhibitions are shared with an infrastructure that is not temporary but continuous and up-to-date. The platform, in the making since January and finally opened as of mid-February, has a modular, flexible, and holistic approach to design.

KHAS FADPORT is not only an exhibition space but also an archive for the Faculty of Art and Design students.