Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ayşe Elif COŞKUN ORLANDİ

Assoc. Prof. Ayşe E COŞKUN
Head of Department

Industrial design involves the design of industrially produced items such as automobiles, household appliances, electronic equipment, furniture and jewelry. Technically, this profession is closely related to disciplines such as natural sciences, ergonomics, anthropology, production and material technology and ecology. In addition to aesthetic concerns, social references, global interactions and the expectations of the users are taken into consideration. Simultaneously, economic and consumption trends and systems of competition are among the subjects of research in the design process.

The scope of the profession calls for many different subjects of study in the curriculum, such as fine arts, technology, human and social sciences, economy and law. The challenges of industrial design education can be undertaken by creative and intelligent students who have the ability to solve complex design problems by interpreting the results of research and expressing design ideas through the use of various media. Graduates of this program can work in many sectors of mass production, such as consumer items, electronics, furniture, packaging, automotive industry and jewelry. Designers can also give freelance support to various other sectors.


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