Dean's Message


Prof. Dr. Banu Manav

Art is to release perception from habit and to look differently. Design process is to reinterpret what already exists and refresh oneself. The language of art and design is universal while their process is dynamic. Communication language should be contemporary and is the most realistic witness of time. Art and design education is paramount to create a prolific community with cultural integrity and an awareness of change alike.

Through the novel project-based education model of our university, our students refine their world knowledge and awareness in different fields with courses provided by the junior year core curriculum. Leveraging interdisciplinary study opportunities from the early years of their college life, our students can make use of our industrial collaborations in project development process, and experience participation in scientific research projects. They are encouraged to benefit from overseas education opportunities.

While, in departments of Drama, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture, and Environmental Design and Architecture under the Faculty of Art and Design, students are provided with professional competencies in line with these values, the future’s professionals, who we place at the heart of education, are empowered to develop their skills of research, implementation, critical thinking and putting ideas into practice, as integrated with art and design.

Our faculty continues educational activities with a competent academic staff familiar with contemporary dynamics, enjoying a national and international recognition, capable of adapting oneself, producing and researching.

If you are keen on receiving the art and design education intended with our project-based education model, going abroad with universal values from a point integrated with historical and cultural riches of the city, meeting with professionals while still a college student, researching and producing together with us, and taking part in tomorrow’s art, design and project creation process, you are very welcome here.